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Play Germinator for free

Please enjoy “Germinator”, one of the recommended slot games on our website. TopJackpotSlots.com provides its visitors the possibility to try for free the best jackpot and most popular slot games in the online gaming industry.

Play Germinator for free

During the free rounds you can also experience the Germinator bonus feature!

Germinator has 12 permanently-enabled paylines, which can be horizontal or vertical. When you hit “play,” six rows and six columns of different colored germ symbols will appear randomly. Any 3 of a particular color that appear adjacently in any row or column will pay out according to the pay table. When these 3-symbol combinations have been scored, they will explode and disappear; the symbols in the positions above will fall to fill the spaces vacated by the winning combinations and new symbols will fall into the remaining empty spaces, creating endless opportunities for new winning combinations. The round ends when no more combinations can be found.

If three capsule symbols appear after all wins have been calculated, the Medi bonus game is activated, allowing you to remove all of one color of germ symbols from the board and collect any wins that result from the shifting germs.

The numbers in the paytable refer to the multiplier value given to each symbol that appears in a winning combination. Wins are calculated by multiplying the number in the pay table by the line bet amount. Any germ that appears in both a horizontal and a vertical winning combination will be counted twice. There are no payouts for the first combination eliminated in the game.


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